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 * Private Aquamation (cremation) includes standard paw print, eco-friendly urn, lock of fur and certificate.

 * Exotic pets no paw print and fur bottle. Please tell us if you want and pay extra for a paw print.

 * Dogs and Cats private aquamation/cremation start from $289 ($160 of communal).

  • Paw print start from: $40. Add name, date and ribbon: $30.

  • Fur Clipping: $20.

  • ​Finger Nail: $20.

  • ​Wood paw print bracket: $9.

  • Customerized paw print with name, date and ribbon added, start from: $70.

  • Memorial with flowers, candles and peaceful music for 30min with pet: $210.   

  • Steel urn: $65/$80

  • Wood urn can put picture: $50 (small) /$60 (large)

  • Weekdays' pick up rate need to call us.

  • After business hour and weekends pick up: Need to call.


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