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Losing a beloved pet is never easy, and finding the right way to honor their memory can be difficult. Please remember separation is not the real death, forgetting is! We’re here to provide compassionate and personalized services to help pet owners honor their beloved pets' lives and keep their memories alive.

Pet Funeral Service


A pet memorial allows the owner to pay tribute to their pet and acknowledge the impact the pet had on their life. It serves as a reminder of the love and companionship the pet provided, and it can be a way to celebrate their unique personality and the joy they brought to the owner's life. We provide a farewell ceremony and the memories of the company of your pets will be enshrined in your heart. In the ceremony, your pet will lay peacefully among the flowers, wanting to fall asleep, leaving your eternal love.

Special Urns

We provide a free eco-friendly urn to your pet. You can also select a specific urn for your pet, we have several wood and steel urns with different sizes for your options. 




Our private aquamation includes:

  • Bio-degradable urn

  • Clay Paw Print

  • Lock of Fur

  • Certificate of Private Aquamation

Cremation also available 

We recommend bio-cremation (aquamation). At the same time if you want to do private or communal cremation for your pet, we also have this service. Please let us know if you want cremation instead of aquamation. 

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